Beauty: three tan boosters for the summer!

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Are you already tanned, but you’re looking for a boost? In these last days of holidays, you need to work on your tan colour, in order to take with you the best memory ever of the summer! That doesn’t mean you have to sunbathe without any protection! Listen to us: these are the best three tan boosters for a wonderful skin!


The sunscreen

Never without your sunscreen, neither on the beach or at the pool! It’s our best ally to protect our skin from sun rays’ damages, that’s why we should always take it with us, packed in our beach bag! It’s better to choose oils made with organic ingredients and with sunscreen, that can moisturize the skin and at the same time protect it from UVA and UVB rays. Just like Lancaster Silky Milk Fast Tan Optimizer SPF15. This smooth body lotion contains a reinforced Tan Activator Complex for an even faster, deeper, flawless tan. Apply generously all over face and body before sun exposure and remember to always re-apply it frequently to maintain protection, especially after swimming!

Lancaster Silky Milk Fast Tan Optimizer SPF 15 ( -38,95 €)

The tanning oil

Oils are the best products to give that extra boost to our tan. But it is essential to choose the right ones, without risking unpleasant consequences such as sunburns. It’s always better to select a body oil that contains organic ingredients and a good sunscreen, to hydrate and protect skin at the same time. Our fave tanning oil right now? It’s Balibody Natural Tanning and Body Oil SPF 6, made from organic, natural and raw ingredients. During sun tanning, it can be lathered generously for the ultimate golden tan. Do you want to know a beauty secret? Apply it to the whole body as a night mask before going to bed. The day after, your skin would be so ready to be sunkissed!

Natural Tanning and Body Oil SPF6 di Balibody ( - 23 $)

The cream gel

During the hottest August days, sometimes it can be very annoying to apply sunscreens or tanning oils, even if our goal is to boost our tan! The right product is a cream gel, fresh and easy to apply. Comfort Zone Sun Soul Cream Gel Tan Maximizer guarantees an intense, prolonged, and golden tan, nourishing and protecting skin from ageing. You can start apply it a few days before sun exposure. If you’re already tanned, you can use it always with a protective cream, as there are no protective filters, and after-sun lotion.

Sun Soul Cream Gel Tan Maximizer di Comfort Zone ( - 22 €)